The Farm

Follow the evolution of your food, from seed to plate.

Gourmet mushrooms are our unique specialty. By growing these locally on our farm, we are able to offer unique mushroom varieties that are not readily available in our area.

Our Varieties

– Oyster Mushrooms
– Lions Mane
– Maitake
– Chestnut
– Pioppino

Growing Environments

We will grow a myriad of crops across each of our farming environments: hydroponics, raised beds, and an orchard. While all our food offerings will feature our produce, our crops will also be available to local restaurants to purchase wholesale and available for market purchases.



– Lettuce
– Leafy greens
– Herbs


Raised Beds

– Seasonal Offerings



– Figs
– Blueberries
– Kumquat
– Satsumas
– Other Unique Varieties


The Hope Farm utilizes various practices of sustainable farming to grow healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Every aspect of the farm is designed to maximize output and minimize the negative environmental impacts of traditional farming methods.


Our hydroponic container gardens use one one-hundredth of the Earth’s footprint as one acre of land, but each can produce the same amount of food.


Pesticide-Free & Nutrient-Rich Fertilization

We choose not to use pesticides which can end up in your water or in your food. We also will utilize waste materials from local businesses as a food source for our mushrooms. The waste product from our mushrooms will then be composted into a natural nutrient-rich fertilizer.


Water Usage

Additionally, this sustainable farming method uses 90% less water than traditional farming methods.


Growing All Year

Beyond knowing your food is healthier, you can remain confident that it will also be consistent. Our farm can grow 365 days a year thanks to a healthy and controlled environment.

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